Highly-Rated Spray Foam Insulation in Vancouver

spray foam insulation Vancouver

We Use Foam with the Highest R Value of Any Insulation

Anta Spray Foam proudly carries Polarfoam PF-7300-0 soy closed cell foam for superior performance and value.

We are also proud to have partnered with the good people who supply us with Demilec Sealection® 500 open cell foam. Learn more about this outstanding material and its makers at the Demilec website.

All of Our Product is Environmentally-Friendly

The spray foam insulation we use in Vancouver is made from recycled plastics and soybean oil.

Insulation Has Many Uses

Whether you’re upgrading existing walls, constructing a new dwelling or renovating an existing one, we offer sustainable solutions that maximize your energy efficiency while simultaneously reducing your energy costs.


The attic is one of the largest sources of potential heat loss in your home and often one of the most neglected areas concerning insulation. If your top floor is hot in the summer or your furnace can’t heat the whole house evenly in the winter, it’s likely that your roof needs more insulation.

Exterior Walls

Many people believe that the most beneficial and important areas of your home to insulate are the walls.

Vaulted Ceilings, Lofts and Floors

When you wish to achieve separate zone heating, insulate your ceilings. Plus, you should always insulate floors when they are over unheated spaces like parking garages.

Crawlspaces and Basements

A major source of energy loss and thermal inefficiency is an uninsulated basement or crawlspace.

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